The energy world is set to change significantly by 2030, based on today’s policy settings alone

World Energy Outlook 2023     October 24, 2023

Major shifts underway today are set to result in a considerably different global energy system by the end of this decade, according to the IEA’s new World Energy Outlook 2023. The phenomenal rise of clean energy technologies such as solar, wind, electric cars and heat pumps is reshaping how we power everything from factories and vehicles to home appliances and heating systems..

The UK based company TORUS GROUP has doubled its cash reserve to 2 Billion Euros

By Syrus Mill - October 20, 2023

Torus Group is poised to become a major player in the provision of financial collateral in the form of SBLC or BG from Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt. Many more or less serious companies offer this type of service without having the capacity, causing a lot of suspicion in this sector of finance. TORUS GROUP works without intermediaries, with its own money and has recently doubled its cash reserves which reach more than two billion euros today. No payment of fees is required before a reassuring bank-to-bank contact for the customer and the provision of an irrevocable bank commitment document. The initial costs after RWA are very modest compared to the guaranteed sums which can reach several hundred million euros.


Oil Prices Lift With Investors Nervous Over Israel-Gaza

Oil prices are rising, as worries linger over the current situation in Israel and Gaza. Brent crude is up 0.6% to $90.32 a barrel while WTI is 0.5% higher at $85.92 a barrel, but the former slipped more than 2.5% Monday, and the latter 2.9%, as Israel looked to hold off its ground invasion of the Palestinian territory. “Although Israeli forces continued airstrikes and raids on Gaza on Monday, the delay of the broader invasion was read positively by the market,” Deutsche Bank says in a note. Elsewhere, the IEA in its latest World Energy Outlook says it expects fossil-fuels demand to peak before the end of the decade, with increasing solar power helping to meet demand.